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And now for a little bit about us and why we do what we do

And now for a little bit about us and why we do what we do

Bringing about change change in the industry.

Story and Search was formed by Kostas Petrou as a creative PR agency in 2021 havign worked in Marketing for over a decade for a range of companies both big and small. Based on a tremendous experience of high impacting creative campaigns that pulled impressive results for clients. 

It wasn’t until 2022 when Kostas and Daniel crossed paths that what you see today as the Story and Search began.

Daniel Nolan has served his time for the past 15 years both in house and agency side with multimillion pound companies and one of his biggest frustrations has always been finding an SEO agency that can deliver results. And through mutual connection Daniel and Kostas were introduced.

But it was only half the problem that Story and Search solved. They had an exceptional talent for creative and getting top tier coverage but Kostas and Daniel both realised the real prize was combining this with data and scientific methodology to give clients a clearer ROI.

In 2023 Daniel acquired half the business and with it finally dusted off his Physics degree and together they balanced the two parts of the business perfectly, the creative and search aspects.

Why Traditional SEO content doesn't work anymore

Backlinks for Google

Backlinks from non relevant sites just for Googles benefit is a short sighted strategy and currently companies are investing heavily in such tactics that we are for certain will approach zero value.

Location, location, location

Fake strategies to appear to have hundreds of locations and offices across the country, through thin location landing pages and mailing addresses for Google listings.

Content for Google

If you are spending on content for the purpose of ranking most likely it is low value content that you wouldn't put in front of your customers. AI that can generate this same standard of content within seconds and just a few prompts is free and weak content will lose its value more and more.

None relevant campaigns

Loose tenuously linked content that gives all the wrong signals about what your band is and what it does

Our content goes way beyond just SEO


We build backlinks that can’t be bought. These are genuinely earned on top publications through absolute merit of the creative, delivery and research behind them.

Brand Awareness

Our campaigns have a reputation of sky rocketing brands primarily because we create campaigns that are brand relevant.

And when you consider 59% of consumers prefer to buy from familiar brands the value can be huge.

Social Virality

The secret to social virality is simple.

Build incredible creative campaigns that resonate with your audience.

That’s why for a small brand on TikTok we had 4 million views and sold out in 9 hours.