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The Last Bunch – A Digital PR Campaign Success Story with Beequet

Our agency faced the challenge of transforming an unknown brand, The Last Bunch, into a viral sensation through their Beequets campaign. With a vision of revolutionising digital PR campaigns, Daniel and I, along with our existing team, set out to create a unique approach that would change the game. We analysed countless campaigns, studying their successes and failures, ultimately developing our own hybrid formula that blends data-driven insights with unbridled creativity.


Leveraging our skilled team of experts from various fields, we focused on a process that would ensure success. This process consisted of four core elements: research, development, testing, and launch. Our research delved into market trends, audience preferences, and competitors’ performance. In the development phase, our team transformed raw data into creative concepts, infusing them with emotional hooks and engaging narratives.

During the testing phase, we refined our ideas, adjusting and optimising them based on real-world feedback. Finally, our launch strategy propelled the Beequets campaign into the spotlight, garnering attention and sparking conversations.


The Beequets campaign took the world by storm, capturing hearts and minds with its irresistible charm. A closer look at the campaign’s performance reveals:

  • A staggering 4.1 million TikTok views and a 25,000% increase in visibility compared to previous campaigns
  • A product that sold out in just 9 hours, testament to the campaign’s undeniable appeal
  • Overwhelmingly positive sentiment, with viewers expressing love and adoration for the tiny bouquets designed for bees
  • A meticulous seeding strategy that ensured our campaign’s message spread far and wide, capturing the attention of millions
  • A strong connection to The Last Bunch’s core values, resonating with the audience and showcasing the beauty of dried flowers in a new light
  • Impeccable timing, leveraging the buzz around National Bee Day to maximise the campaign’s impact


The Beequets campaign earned a total score of 62.6 out of 70, reflecting its remarkable success. The campaign was not only highly creative but also generated significant coverage and exposure, evoked strong positive emotions, had an effective seeding strategy, went viral on social media, and was highly relevant to The Last Bunch’s brand.

These factors contributed to the campaign’s overall success, showcasing the potential of combining data, creativity, and passion in digital PR campaigns under the guidance of a dedicated leadership team like ours.

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