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Five of Us –A Kids’ Sustainable Fashion Brand’s Journey to Stardom

Story + Search took on the challenge of transforming Five of Us, a cool sustainable children’s fashion brand, into a real game-changer. We wanted to make them the talk of the town in the eco-fashion world and get their name in some of the biggest fashion mags out there.

Our Master Plan

We cooked up a four-step plan to make it happen: research, content magic, reaching out, and keeping an eye on things. First, we dug deep into the sustainable fashion scene, figured out who we wanted to reach, and scoped out the media. This helped us whip up some amazing stories that showed off how Five of Us is all about that eco-friendly life.

Once we had those captivating tales, we started chatting up big-name publications and journalists who know fashion like the back of their hand. We made sure our messages hit the sweet spot for each person we reached out to. And, of course, we kept a close watch on how things were going, tweaking our approach based on what the data was telling us.

The Amazing Results

Well, our plan worked like a charm! Five of Us became the star of the sustainable fashion convo, scoring over 200 pieces of coverage and 150 backlinks from some seriously impressive publications, like:

  • A fab feature in Vogue that showed Five of Us leading the way in eco-friendly kids’ fashion
  • A sweet spotlight in Glamour Magazine all about how the brand is totally committed to being green
  • A shoutout in The Sun that made it clear Five of Us is all about making sustainable fashion affordable and easy for everyone


This media blitz didn’t just make Five of Us a household name – it also turned them into a major player in the sustainable fashion world. The buzz attracted new customers and partners, making the brand even more successful.

Wrapping It Up

The Five of Us campaign knocked it out of the park with a score of 68.3 out of 70. Our mix of solid research, attention-grabbing stories, and smart outreach turned Five of Us into the eco-fashion brand everyone’s talking about.

This case study shows how a well-planned digital PR campaign can work wonders when you’ve got a world-class agency like Story + Search on your side.

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