Ever wondered why some digital PR campaigns just take off?

One part of it is timing, ensuring your campaigns are touching on timely topics is always a great place to start.

But there is something which we do in every one of our creative campaigns that enable us to get amazing results time and time again.

We call it “Moments of Impact”

Moments of impact in a campaign, what even is that? and why can is skyrocket your results?

We use this method every single time in our creative digital pr campaigns and it generates incredible results, getting our clients featured in what they describe as “their dream publications”

I talk about moments of impact a lot, here is a brief explainer 👇🏼

Lets take a look at a real campaign, like this campaign for example featured on The New York Times – https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/04/07/magazine/jeff-bezos-net-worth.html

Here are some of the moments of impact I personally felt reading this.

Impact number 1 – How little in proportion to his wealth he has given away – Greed perhaps? Either way it sparks something so that is impact 1.

Impact 2 – Could feed just under 14 million food insecure households – Impact is the poverty vs crazy wealth message, again I felt something at this point, so another moment of impact.

Impact 3 – Average employee would have to work 4.5 million years to reach his wealth – Shocking stat impact.

There are more but I think you get the point.

Whenever working on a creative campaign, I always look for at least 3 moments of impact…..


Because sparking an emotion keeps the reader hooked, keeping the reader hooked is exactly what the journalist wants, keeping the reader hooked is what brands want.

Drive strong emotion and then tie that in with your product or service (the solution) and you have a very powerful formula.

Next time you are working on a creative marketing campaign ask someone none bias who fits in with your target audience to look at the campaign and make a mark every time they felt something or had a change in emotion at any point.

If at the end they don’t have at least 3 marks, you should reassess your campaign.

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