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How we got 4 million views and skyrocketed search results with a pair of flip flops

We had a funny conversation myself and Dan when we talked about this new Aldidas campaign, and we wondered just how far you could get with a pair of flippers. After all as we said, if John Wick could take out several enemies with a pencil, could we make a campaign go viral with just a pair of flip-flops?

The results as we have already alluded to may very well surprise you.

Before I go into the campaign, it’s worth noting that we have been in The Lab testing our theory out for way over 12 months and we believe we have found the perfect blend.

So we wanted to test it with the most basic products, flipflops 🙂

By developing a playful and engaging concept, we grabbed the audience’s attention and started a viral conversation.

🧪 Our Unique Scientific Methodology

Our success lies in our three-step scientific methodology: Research Hub, Development Hub, and Test Hub.

This innovative approach allows us to optimise our campaigns, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.

🔍 Research Hub: Data, Analysis, and Research as the Foundation

In the Research Hub, we analysed market trends, studied consumer behaviour, and identified potential influencers.

We leveraged this data to create a solid foundation for our Aldidas campaign, ensuring the concept would resonate with the target audience.

💡 Development Hub: Transforming Insights into Impactful Ideas

With the information from the Research Hub, our creative team crafted a compelling story around the Aldidas flip-flops.

We focused on driving emotions and creating shareable content, resulting in a unique and engaging campaign.

🎯 Test Hub: Scoring Ideas with Real-World Data & Expertise

Before launching the campaign, we used our proprietary scoring tool to evaluate its potential success.

Our algorithm assessed various metrics and factors, while our team of experts provided invaluable insights to fine-tune the campaign.

📈 The Results: 4.4M Views, 40k Engagements, and Skyrocketing Searches

Our methodology and execution led to incredible results, including 4.4M views and over 40k engagements.

The campaign also increased search volumes for “Aldidas” by 30k and “Aldi” by 60k in just 7 days.

💰 Estimating ROI for Aldi: A Case Study in Viral Success

Based on our results, we estimated Aldi’s ROI from the Aldidas Flip Flops campaign as follows:

1️⃣ 88,000 potential customers from the 4.4 million views (2% conversion rate)

2️⃣ £4.4 million in revenue from an average basket value of £50

3️⃣ £440,000 in profit with a 10% profit margin

It cost us nothing to produce!

Connect with us to learn how our scientific approach can skyrocket your next campaign! 🚀

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