Anyone who is a soap fan will recognise the names Phil Mitchell, Ian Beale, Ken Barlow and David Platt. But never before has anyone actually calculated what the digital value is of these characters. Who of these characters are searched for the most on Google and what monetary value do these characters search volumes have.

Well, wait no longer, We have calculated based on Google search volume the top 10 most searched for soap characters and how much this search volume is worth in £s. We have also calculated their actual monthly salaries and what the difference is between their “charactercash” vs actual salary.

Will your favourite soap star come out on top? Find out below:

Ian Beale is the clear leader in terms of “charactercash” but falls behind by over £10,000 a month in actual salary in comparison to his nearest rival which is none other than Phil Mitchell. They have had their run-ins over the years and it seems this overlaps into the digital world.

The interesting thing is, apart from Ian Beale, Phil Mitchell and Billy Mitchell, everyone else’s “charactercash” falls within £3,000 or less in comparison to their actual salary.

Ken Barlow is still bringing great value even after all these years landing himself in third place closely contested by his Coronation Street neighbour David Platt.

The two highest actual earners are Steve Mcfadden (Phil Mitchell) and Perry Fenwick (Billy Mitchell) who both have salaries of over £300,000 per year.

The character with the lowest monthly “charactercash” value is Peter Beale with £9,125 per month. Not bad at all for 10th place!

So there we have it folks, Ian Beale took the digital winners medal this year. Who will win it next year? We will have to wait and see.

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