In 2014, a family member asked me if I knew anything about marketing as they had just launched a new business and wanted to start generating leads through marketing. At that time, I had some knowledge of marketing in general but not a huge amount. I decided to research the most popular ways local businesses generate new incoming leads through marketing and what I discovered blew my mind.

81% of people search online for new products or services. 46% of all the searches that took place on Google were people looking for local information. i.e “accountants Nottingham”. 72% of consumers or businesses that did a local search visited a store within five miles or called the business to enquire further.

My advice to this family member was very simple, improve your digital footprint. I also found a new passion during my research for this family member. Digital Marketing and more specifically SEO. I started connecting with SEO experts, picking their brains about everything regarding Search Engine Optimisation. I then applied everything I had learned, built them a website, went step by step through a thorough SEO audit, created an end to end SEO strategy, and then delivered on that strategy.

Anyone who works in SEO knows that when you first start out, checking the Google rankings for improvement becomes an addiction. In the beginning, I saw very little change and started to become disheartened. However, I stuck with it and we started to see an uplift in the rankings. Within 2 and half months, they were ranking number 3 for their “money keyword” (the keywords that convert better and bring in the most leads)

Fast forward another month and they were ranking number 1 and receiving anywhere between 30 to 50 new leads a week and a growing and thriving business. I absolutely loved the feeling of helping a business grow by doing something I really enjoyed.

Ever since then I have had many friends, family, and friends of friends and family approach me wanting me to replicate the same results. I decided this was something I would do as a side hobby to help people out, without ever really thinking about running my own digital marketing business.

Fast forward again to the beginning of lockdown. I am being bombarded by businesses selling online products wanting me to rank them on Google or help them generate new leads through Social Media Marketing or PPC. My wife plants the seed in my mind, if you have all these businesses approaching you for help and you are repeatedly getting results for them, maybe it’s time to go into business for yourself and sell this service.

I have wanted to run my own business since I was 12 years old, so this appealed to me massively. However it is March 2020 and we have just entered into full lockdown, I am in a stable job and I have two children with a third on the way. I did not want to risk the security I had.

Jump forward another 6 months or so and the stars aligned. Within the first week of August 2020, I had 5 business owners contact me offering to pay me very good money to provide digital marketing services for them.

I took the plunge this month and I am loving every day working with my clients, seeing great results, watching them grow, and being a part of that growth.

I do not want to stop there though, I want to help as many businesses as possible and so I am developing a great team around me to help support me every step of the way.

As I have mentioned before, my goal is ROI for my clients, everything else is secondary. I have had to turn clients down because there are some occasions where we are not the ideal fit for you and if that is the case we will be very honest and say so. I will not work with a client if I genuinely do not believe I can generate a good ROI for them.

If you are a business owner or you know a business owner who wants to discuss how you can get similar results to the businesses I have mentioned above, comment below or message me and I will be happy to discuss what Ascend Digital can do for your business.


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