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SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. It’s simple, if you do not have high quality SEO optimised pages within your site, you will not generate traffic. If you do not generate traffic, you will not get leads and therefore you are missing out on customers and sales.
We are experts in increasing your traffic through SEO on major search engines such as Google and Bing. As SEO constantly evolves you will need an expert to make sure your website is constantly optimised and driving traffic which impacts your bottom line.


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A successful SEO strategy will begin with your business goals in mind.


At Story and Search we stand apart in our expertise in Local SEO. The importance of local SEO is unrivalled in many sectors. 86% of customers use search engines to discover local businesses, which is a key indication that if you are not appearing in the search results you are losing customers. Local Seo services are essential for businesses that want to be in front of their target audience and convert that audience into sales. Some of the key areas that drive results in local seo are website optimisation for local searches, Google My Business feature, Local Citations, Local Digital PR, Local Link Building and Online Business Directories. We have a dedicated specialist team that focuses solely on Local SEO with the aim of Ascending your business up the search engine rankings and converting the traffic it generates into customers.


Technical SEO is a pivotal aspect of the SEO process. For each second your website takes to load, you are losing potential customers. Another key factor with technical SEO is duplicate content. Most websites have duplicate content that they are not even aware of. Search engines will pick up on this duplicate content when crawling your website and this will have a negative impact on your rankings. Page speeds and duplicate content are just a few aspects of Technical SEO which need attention in order to rank well within search engines. At Story and Search we have expert knowledge on exactly how to perform high quality technical SEO for our clients websites ensuring optimal performance.


Content Marketing Is The Driving Force Behind All Marketing. Traffic Without Quality Content Leads To Wasted Efforts. When Google released a new algorithm called Panda, it had a major impact on those websites that did not focus on delivering high quality and relevant content. We are experts in optimising and delivering content that not only drives traffic but converts that traffic into sales. We focus on results driven content and not fluffy articles that lead nowhere.


When we perform a Technical SEO Audit we examine a website from a search engine’s point of view. Our comprehensive audit will dig deep into the website and look at where it is underperforming and identify all the key areas that need fixing in order to achieve the visibility you deserve.


Links are a key feature in a well-rounded SEO strategy – They give authority to a website in the eyes of search engines. we work with thousands of publishers to create high-quality content that will be shared with your target audiences which then leads to links back to your website. We ensure the links we generate are of the highest calibre and not spammy links which would actually have a negative impact on your rankings.

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